Self-reflection 15 artworks

This gallery presents my paintings with the most personal descriptions so far.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Tchaykovski! 5 artworks

Hard To Decipher 5 artworks

This pentaptych is only available altogether.

Triptychs 26 artworks

Each triptych is only available altogether.

Miracles 3 artworks

My artistic expression of being surprised. In this gallery you can find many issues that make me angry about our society. The ridiculousness of influencing, corrupt politicians or inattention of people just to name a few one... Many times I do wonder how mankind could progress from time to time... To me it is a pure miracle.

Sensitive 3 artworks

This gallery deals with my thoughts concerning physical intimacy.

Brush (large scale) 14 artworks

All artworks are made by brushes and acrylics.

Brush (medium-sized scale) 18 artworks

All artworks were made by brushes.

Spatula 25 artworks

Each artwork is made by spatulas. Different sizes and designs are used to create "woven" looks.

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